Miso soup is my go-to food whenever I’m feeling a little bit overindulged, motion sick, or just plain queasy.  It helps that it’s yummy and nourishing, and I love to eat it anyway!  Most miso soup contains seaweed, and we don’t have local seaweed in Vermont (what with being landlocked).  But we do have lots of kale!

Vermiso Soup
a little olive oil
1 bunch kale, rinsed and cut into small strips
a leek, chopped
8 cups boiling water
8 tablespoons miso paste

1.  In a large frying pan or wok, saute the kale in the olive oil until tender.
2.  Add leek to kale.
3.  In a separate bowl, measure out miso paste.
4.  Pour most of the water into the frying pan, and enough into the bowl to cover.
5.  Mix miso paste and water.  When it’s all mixed in, pour it into the frying pan with the kale.
6.  Enjoy!

Reheat carefully, without boiling.