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Okay, I’ll be honest:  I don’t have any kids, I’m a youngest child, and I don’t babysit for love or money, so I’m not your obvious first choice to review a kid’s herb book.  But I will say that, while I purchased this as a gift for a young acquaintance, I want a copy for myself!  The recipes are not only fun but very, very useful.  The songs are a little silly, but are great learning aids for helping young and old remember which herb helps with which conditions.  The stories are absolutely charming.

If you’re buying this for a little one and not yourself:  Very young children will need some help with the text, so you get to share in the fun.  Middle grade children will be all set with the text, but will need some help with many recipes.  All children will need your help in either safely IDing and wildcrafting plants, in growing an herb garden, and/or in buying dried herbs from the store.

I totally recommend this, for young and old.  And just in case you’d like some advice from someone who knows all about children, no worries:  I asked my mom to take a look at the book, and she recommends it too!